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Available Kindermonkey Programs

6 Week Kindermonkey Music Program

Enhance the lives of young children by this delightfully integrated program consisting of:  dance, chorus, instruments, theory, science, math, literacy, composers, Kindermonkey (and his books).  Most importantly, make learning fun!


For each child:

Kindermonkey Kit (Kindermonkey and Mozart's Bananas book, stuffed monkey, and Kindermonkey pad) 

Kindermonkey worksheets

Musical Star

Whiney Cat Pad


For the Instructor:

Kindermonkey Kit 

Hardback Classical Music Book with CD (vocals and without vocals for performances

Paperback Composer Book

"Can You Name That Classical Tune" CD



Kindermonkey Makes Learning Fun Educator Workshops

Create a classroom that is full of life, full of learning, and full of fun!

DCDEE Approved

Topics discussed:

Integrate Math, Science, Literacy and Music

Include all 3 learning styles to engage all children

Stimulate Higher Order Thinking Skills

Celebrate Different Cultures and Dance

Engage the special child

Make Holidays Fun


Wokshops include prize drawings of:

Kindermonkey Kit (Kindermonkey and Mozart's Bananas book, stuffed music star, and Kindermonkey pad)

Kindermonkey Kit (Kindermonkey and The Big Blob, stuffed monkey, and Kindermonkey pad)

Hardback Classical Music Book with CD (vocals and without vocals for performances)

"Can You Name That Classical Tune" CD

Portrait/Bio Composer Book 


Incorporate Kindermonkey's 3 "L's" for Learning

Listen, Love, and Laugh


Make Learning Fun!



Kindermonkey Readings

Enjoy Kindermonkey and his delightful books (music and singing included)


You choose your favorite Kindermonkey book and Kindermonkey will accompany the book with his delightful "show and tell" and his fantastic teaching skills


Kindermonkey Books to choose:

Kindermonkey and Mozart's Bananas

Kindermonkey and The Big Blob

Kindermonkey and Mr. Bach's Wig

Kindermonkey and Mr. Beethoven's Beans

Kindermonkey Goes To Grandma's

Kindermonkey and Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Sweet

What Kindermonkey Does at Night

They Didn't Know They Were Different

For more information on where to find Kindermonkey Books contact:

Jill Johnson Eagan