Beethoven's Beans

Did you know that Mr. Beethoven had to have 60 coffee beans in each cup of coffee? Find out what happens after the explosion in the kitchen when Kindermonkey tries to make Mr. Beethoven a cup of coffee.

KM & The Big Blob

Kindermonkey learns important lessons about what you should and should not do before going to bed.

Kindermonkey at Night

In my classroom, one of the most asked questions is, "What does Kindermonkey do at night?"  You will be surprised!  Find out in Kindermonkey's 6th book what he does at night.  Sweet dreams Kindermonkey!

KM & Mozart's Bananas

What do stars and Mozart have in common?
Find out in Kindermonkey's second book, KINDERMONKEY AND MOZART'S BANANAS.

They Didn't Know They Were Different
(Hard Copy Limited Edition)

A true story of three friends who walked together to the mail box. One day they all had to move away from each other.

KM & Mr. Bach's Wig

What do Tarzan and Kindermonkey have in common?
Come learn with Kindermonkey as he discovers Johann

Sebastian Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor"

They Didn't Know They Were Different
Nutcracker Sweet

When Kindermonkey lands with a "plop" in the snow, he sees a sign that says, "Banana Land."  In Kindermonkey's 5th book, he finds his favorite Nutcracker Sweet.

The Big Blob
Monkey "in a bag" Kit

Includes Kindermonkey and the Big Blob, a personal Kindermonkey stuffed animal and a Kindermonkey notepad.

Mozart's Bananas
Monkey "in a bag" Kit

Includes Kindermonkey and Mozart's Bananas, a personal Kindermonkey star and a Kindermonkey notepad.

Kindermonkey Goes to Grandma's

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; everyday is fun at Grandma's

Whiney Cat's
(and Kindermonkey's)
First Day of School